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Originating from a passion for the mechanical sector, since the early 1980s GMG S.r.l. has been engaged in the design and production of custom-made components to be fitted on special machinery in the field of automation. Constant research regarding materials and an in-depth study of the available treatments have led our company to develop a modern conception in the production process, with increasingly specific and suitable equipment, GMG S.r.l.’s flexibility means that it can offer a service ranging from the prototyping phase to medium-series productions, following the product from raw materials up to the final testing, guaranteeing spare parts and maintenance as needed.

Optimization of the services on offer is further ensured by a skilled workforce and control over all work phases through a customised management software application, and by the quality system implemented by the company.


G.M.G. S.r.l. - Via Enrico Fermi, 6 - 24053 BRIGNANO GERA D.A. (BG) Italy - Tel. +39 0363 382728 - Fax +39 0363 382729 -
P.Iva e C.F. 01423450160 - Capitale Sociale € 77.500 - Registro Imprese di Bergamo n° BG024-24960 - C.C.I.A.A n° 205482

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